I worked with Tim for the last two to three years. Fabulous. I am a CPA so I know good client service and he is awesome.i can't say enough good things.

I served on our HOA board as treasurer and as a former president for most of the 20 years in my neighborhood and the smartest thing we ever did was hire him. Our neighborhood is approx 104 homes.

He handles our architectural things as well as complaints. He handles our financials, dues collections and negotiates for services. One thing I have found very helpful is his knowledge of the various types of vendors and hoa needs.....from landscaping to sprinklers, fence replacement, mailbox replacement etc. as well as his methods of dues collection.

When we got Tim, we dropped the attorney we had on retainer and yet when we did have a legal question arise he was able to get it for us with a reputable yet affordable attorney.

As I am sure you know, every neighborhood (and board! ) Has one "challenging"individual. Tim has really been a great resource in dealing with these types of individuals And his attendance at board and hoa meetings is extremely professional and a huge help.

- Terry

I worked with Tim as part of our Architectural Control Committee in our neighborhood. He was a great help in working with neighbors to make sure they were in compliance with our Design Standards. In addition, he worked diligently with our board to collect overdue fines and HOA dues. This helped us tremendously to keep our neighborhood looking good and our budget on track. Overall, Tim is a great asset to any Homeowners Association working to improve their neighborhood.

- Linda Burkhart

Having served on several Boards in a couple different communities, working with multiple property management companies, some not so great, I can honestly say that Tim Murphy and HOA Property Management stand out as exceptional in their professionalism and competence. They are a great partner to any Board needing professional community management.

- Bill Huston